Champions since 1976.

Southern Illinois University NCAA Ring Champion

Southern Illinois University NCAA Ring Champion

The Atlanta School of Gymnastics was started by Tom Cook in 1976 and has been a member of the community for over 40 years. We have been competing in the USAG program for over 30 years and are grateful to have found some of the best coaches in our state to coach within our program. All of our coaches are professional members of USAG, background checked and safety certified through USAG.

Tom Cook, born in Waukegan, Illinois, August 6, 1943, was the youngest of four brothers. Tom was first and foremost a family man, raising five children with his wife of twenty years, Stacy Cook. He also helped raised countless children through his love of gymnastics when he started The Atlanta School of Gymnastics in the fall of 1976. He believed that it does take a village to raise a child, and coached with that same motto for thirty-three years.

His gymnastics career began later in high school where he worked diligently to earn a gymnastics scholarship to Southern Illinois University, Go Salukis! His senior year of college Tom served as the captain of the SIU men’s gymnastics team, and placed fourth in Rings in the NCAA finals. He then went on to earn an MBA at Indiana State University. He moved to Athens, GA to work on his PhD in Finance where he served as a graduate student teacher at the University of Georgia.

The Atlanta School of Gymnastics was the first training facility in the state of Georgia, and trained limitless gymnasts, both boys and girls, the love of the sport. He coached both recreational and competitive gymnasts. Tom, along with his amazing coaching staff also sent countless young men and women to college.  Some of these colleges include University of Georgia, Penn State, Louisiana State University, University of North Carolina, University of Oklahoma, University of Nebraska, Iowa State University, Michigan State University, Syracuse University, San Jose State University, United States Air Force Academy, and this is just to name a few.

Tom was intelligent, witty, compassionate, generous, but most of all humble. He coached multiple Elite level gymnasts as well as a few Olympic athletes. However, he enjoyed coaching a recreational high school class as much as competitive gymnasts. He became a mentor, coach, motivator, father figure, cheerleader, and comedian for each and every student. He taught each gymnast to view mistakes as learning opportunities while using his sense of humor. One sure thing Tom taught about gymnastics is that you will fall, and you will dust yourself off and get right back up and try again. 

He was inducted into the Region VIII, Gymnastics Hall of Fame in June, 2009. He sadly passed away unexpectedly September 1, 2009. Words cannot express how greatly he is missed by all who knew and still love him. His legacy continues with the help of tremendous leadership and coaching staff like no other gymnastics school. Tom is definitely  smiling down on the continuation of what began in 1976.

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August 6, 1943 – September 1, 2009